Anna Brignole GMSD Teacher of the Year Grades PreK-4

Anna Brignole is an amazing 4th-grade math teacher who has been teaching for almost 20 years. She started her teaching career at Drummonds Elementary in Tipton County and then taught at Southwind Elementary. Today, Anna helps students learn and grow at Farmington Elementary School.

Anna believes in the power of self-efficacy. She understands how having students set goals and reflect on their learning progress empowers them as learners. Anna's students consistently demonstrate a high-level of proficiency due to Anna's instruction and guidance. Anna's classroom is always open to fellow teachers. Teachers across the district have visited Anna's classroom to observe how she provides immediate feedback and small group instruction as needed. 

Anna believes it's important to look at how students feel about their own learning, not just their test scores or grades. She's widely known for getting the best results in teaching math, way above the average for most teachers. Anna also focuses on making sure teachers at Farmington Elementary work together to help students do better, especially in math. She's a mom to three girls who all attend or have attended Farmington, so she knows a lot about what students learn from kindergarten to fifth grade.

In addition to being recognized at the school and district level, Anna has also received national recognition. She received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching, one of the highest honors a math teacher can achieve. Anna's strong understanding of our standards and mathematical principles have provided invaluable input as we recently went through a math adoption cycle. 

Anna believes that teaching and encouraging students is how she is making a positive impact on our community. Based on what former parents and students have to say about Anna, it is evident she is making a difference one child at a time.