Germantown's Community Partnership Meeting

By Student Reporter: Jack Umsted
Today GMSD held their Community Partnership Meetings. In the morning, GMSD met with private schools and preschools in the area to expand knowledge of each other’s practices, identify commonalities, and identify things they would like to do better as well as discuss collaborations.
In the afternoon, GMSD met with medical professionals and diagnosticians to discuss the medical facet of GMSD. This allowed for GMSD to participate collaborative conversation about how to best support students across various disciplines (medical professionals and private clinicians). In an interview with Administrator/Occupational Therapist at Therapy Hut, Marwyn Benito, he conveyed the importance that this meeting has had, as now "there is this open dialogue that the school (GMSD) wants to do between them and the (healthcare) providers... so they can actually provide better service for the kid (students)."
Overall, the Community Partnership Meetings were a success. In an interview with Melissa Steinbach, she discussed how essential these meetings are as a whole saying, "Collaboration among community partners is essential to meeting the needs of all of our students." GMSD is excited to see the implementation of practices discussed in our own schools, as well as, those around us.