GMSD trains students and staff in life-saving techniques

One of the most effective partnerships between our schools is with Methodist Healthcare and the Germantown Fire Department,” said Coordinated School Health Supervisor Andrew Martin. 

Each and every year the district along with GFD and Methodist certify and recertify all ninth grader and 11th grade students. Since beginning the program in 2014 with the start of the district, it is estimated that this ‘Heartsaver Team’ has certified over 10,000 students in the CPR.

“These trainings have shown real results as two students (one current and one alumnus) have saved lives in the past year–Lindsey Manguso and Cole Bowden in two separate incidents,” explained Superintendent Jason Manuel in a school safety update made to community members at the December Germantown Board of Education meeting.  

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Last year (2022), the district also began a new partnership with Methodist to train our 7th grade students in CPR.  

CPR certification and recertification trainings are performed for GMSD staff members year-round.  While GMSD mandates that certain staff members must maintain CPR certifications: school nurses, physical education teachers, preschool teachers, preschool assistants, etc. they also offer free trainings to all staff members. These two-year certifications are offered non-gratis via Methodist Healthcare. Additionally, our Coordinated School Health Team hosts trainings at each school location every year that is open to any staff who would like to become certified. This year, over 60 additional staff members voluntarily became certified.

Paramedic response times are under five minutes in Germantown, but for a person under cardiac arrest, seconds matter. The use of an AED increases survival rates by 40%. An AED, or defibrillator, is a small, lightweight device that allows our staff to treat cardiac arrest by delivering a shock to the victim's chest, restarting the heart. GMSD requires that all staff complete an AED course as well as view a live demonstration annually. We currently have 23 AED devices in the district which have been purchased by the district.  Many have been donated by Methodist Hospital, the Germantown Kiwanis Club, or purchased with healthy initiative grants from the state.


  • DOGWOOD ELEMENTARY: Gym, Nurse Clinic
  • FOREST HILL ELEMENTARY: Gym, Lead Nurse Office (2nd floor), Nurse Clinic
  • HOUSTON MIDDLE SCHOOL: Original Gym, Offices (Original Building), HMS Soccer Concession Stands, New Gym
  • RIVERDALE K-8: Gym B, Gym A, Nurse Clinic, Teacher Workroom (2nd Floor)
  • HOUSTON HIGH SCHOOL: Main Lobby, S. Blackburn’s Office (2nd Floor), Varsity Gym, A Building, Baseball Complex, Field House (NEW), Band/Fine Arts Area


Houston High School student Eden Johnson takes heart safety to a new level

Taking safety initiatives even further, Houston High School student Eden Johnson founded a new club last year (2021) called Houston Hearts.  Her mission was to partner with our Coordinated School Health Department along with fellow students to earn the Project Adam’s Heart Safe School distinction.  Six months later, Houston High was one of the first schools in West TN to earn Project Adam’s certification.  

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From there, Houston Hearts has worked with students and staff at all GMSD schools.  By February of 2023, Germantown Municipal School District will be the first district in Tennessee to have ALL of its schools earn the Project Adam certification.    Earlier this week, Eden caught the attention of the media while she and her classmates were training the faculty and staff of Christian Brothers High School.

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