Bus riders, be advised that GMSD is conducting stop counts this week

Stop counts are important, as we want to ensure that our buses are running as efficiently as possible and also help with a national bus driver shortage. Durham has started the year with a driver shortage, which has caused some routes to be rearranged (every driver Durham is short may impact two buses). This causes buses to run late, which creates understandable frustration and school disruptions. If we have stops that aren't being utilized and/or low ridership, we can eliminate stops and combine buses, which helps with the driver shortage.
Here is how you as a parent can help. If your student is planning on utilizing bus service this year, please have them ride the bus this week. This will ensure we don't eliminate a stop that is being utilized. If you have an extenuating circumstance and your student is not riding the bus this week or misses the bus this week, but you know they will be utilizing the bus this year, please email [email protected] with your student's name and bus number and let her know so that the stop does not get eliminated.