Dogwood Elementary School's fourth graders enjoy a "soggy, foggy campout"

Germantown, Tennessee--August 30, 2021--Dogwood's 4th grade kicked off the year by heading to a campout with the book Hank:The Soggy, Foggy Campout.  In the story the character Hank has to write a poem about nature. His family goes camping to help him get inspired.  Ms. Perry and Ms. Zaravar are also looking to inspire their students to read and write just like Hank!  Ms. Perry shared, " I hope they see how writing can bring the characters and setting of a book to life!"  
Teachers finished up the book with a classroom campout.  Students wrapped up in sleeping bags and blankets.  They read by the light of glowsticks, wrote with tree branch pencils, and snacked on smores.  We can't wait to see what they are inspired to do this year after this fun start!  
Student wrapped up in foil for a class camp outStudent holding up class story, Hank: The Soggy Foggy Campout