John T Farley: The Heart and Soul of Memphis Baseball

John T Farley is a beacon of joy for the Memphis baseball team. His dance moves, pride in being the team's bat boy, and infectious laughter bring positivity to everyone around him.

"If somebody is having a bad day, you go see John T for five minutes and it completely changes your outlook," said Memphis pitcher Logan Rushing.

Born with Down syndrome, John T's journey has been a testament to resilience and community support. His parents, Jerry and Brenda Farley, have always ensured he’s embraced and included.

John T graduated from the Tiger Life Program at the University of Memphis, is a star ballroom dancer, and works as a teaching assistant at Farmington Elementary. However, his greatest pride is being the Memphis Tigers bat boy.

John T first got involved with Memphis Athletics in 2003 and joined the baseball team in 2014. Known affectionately as "Tizzle," he plays a crucial role at each home game, retrieving bats, collecting foul balls, and assisting the umpire.

"I'm a star player," John T proudly says.

For the past decade, John T has been an integral part of the Tigers’ identity, a presence that first-year head coach Matt Riser values immensely.

"The personality that he has and the outgoingness that he has, I just really enjoyed having him around," Riser said. "It was a no-brainer; we’ve got to keep this guy around and maybe make him a more active member.”

John T’s pregame pep talks, participation in the national anthem, and dedication to the team fill his parents with pride.

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