Dogwood Elementary School begins Book A Day Challenge

Germantown, Tennessee--August 30, 2021--Several Dogwood teachers are taking the Classroom Book a Day Challenge.  They are reading 180 picture books to their students this year!  Some books are meant to encourage student character and empathy for each other, and other books will teach historical topics through stories.  This challenge is  meant to build classroom community and connection.  5th grade student, Eli Hubbell:  "We have just begun reading our books for the year, but I like the change of pace in class. I have enjoyed the stories and lessons discussed so far."
Elementary school teacher holds up book in front of classTeacher in front of classroom with books
This was funded through a Germantown Education Grant awarded to Alexa Guyenes and Linda Fredrick.  DES was able to purchase $10,000 in books!  Mrs. Guyenes said, "I am so excited to be able to implement this program into my classroom again this year. My goal through this program is to help instill a love of reading in our students and teach crucial social emotional skills through shared stories. I love when students are able to see themselves through the eyes of a character or how to manage unfamiliar emotions by seeing it play out in a story."