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FES Standardized Dress

The following guidelines are the Farmington Elementary School’s standardized dress code. These guidelines only address the style and color of clothing to be worn. The standardized dress code for Farmington Elementary shall be tan (khaki), navy blue or black pants, capris, skirt, skort, jumper, dress or shorts with any solid colored collared shirt, turtleneck or mock turtleneck. (Girls' dresses may be any solid color with a collar-not exclusively black, khaki or blue.)  Shirts should not have any trim or decoration. Belts may be any color or style. Shoes may not have heels higher than one and one-half (1.5) inches. Shoes with rollers/wheels are prohibited. Athletic shoes, sandals with straps on the heel, and boots are permitted. Athletic shoes must be worn on the days that students have PE.

1. Denim material may not be worn as standardized dress.
2. All standardized dress clothing must be plain. Any manufacturer’s logos, brand names, pictures, or insignias visible on the clothing must be pocket-sized or smaller.
3. Shirts or other clothing with the Farmington Elementary School logo or Falcon mascot may be worn on school spirit days.

• School sponsored activities that require clothing other than that specified in the standardized dress code will automatically be exempted. Examples of these activities include but are not limited to grade-level special dress days, Red Ribbon Week, American Education Week or School Spirit Days. Students not participating in those school sponsored activities need to wear the clothing required in the standardized dress code.
• Students may wear the uniforms of nationally recognized student organizations on days specified by the organization (e.g., Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts) with permission from the principal.
• Parents/Guardians who do not wish for their students to wear the standardized dress because of physical limitations or disability must submit their reasons in writing to the school principal.
• Students who wear the traditional dress of their religion shall not be required to wear the school’s standardized dress. Parents/Guardians who do not wish for their children to wear the standardized dress because of their or their children’s religious beliefs must submit their reasons in writing to the school principal.